Dr. Gaddam graduated from Boston University in 2008 and has been practicing family dentistry for the past 9 years. He makes you feel comfortable and guides you through your dental care with his calm and gentle nature. He loves working with the kids and to see his patients feel relaxed during the treatment is a testimony to his work ethic. To  see the smile on a patienst face is the best reward for Dr.G and he does his best to make the smile last.

He attends continuing education programs to keep his skills up to date and also learn new things in dentistry. He has the best support and is proud of his team and together we are looking forward to helping our guests with their smile care. 

He lives in Longmeadow with his lovely wife, a son and a daughter. He enjoys swimming and is learning ice skating and skiing with his kids. He loves being outdoors and playing sports. His new hobby is reading biographies of great historic personalities.